Friday, June 12, 2009


Hi, how are ya? Ready for the weekend? Watch the Finals game last night? Light some candles and sit down with a bottle of Jergens and Juiced about Game 7 tonight? Didn't know there was a Game 7 tonight? Gonna spend time getting to know Theresa better?

So we're entering that point of the year where we have zero time for much of anything. Various camping trips, 10-hour work days and plenty of socializing consumes the June-August stretch. But fear not, we'll have regular contributor Adam, super commenter and editor of the kick-ass The Money Shot, GMoney, and guest-writer David Kamoe filling in Monday through Thursday.

We'll be with you Friday and then, more or less, the rest of the summer. We'll really try not to suck, because then we lose readers, advertisers and money, which, well, sucks. But if things get slow, you know why. Feel free to call us out on it though.

Have fun with the guest posters this week. Chop it up in the comments and we'll see you kiddos Friday.


rstiles said...

Fuck you Zach with your vacation!!!....I hope it rains everyday for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

you going to have people pull out their dicks at work looking at her

GMoney said...

I'm going to tear this fucker up on Tuesday...and it will be going on my resume.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a babe! (And totally "natural" too!)

She's a top seed for the next contest!

Thanks Z! Enough of the movie club chit-chat!