Monday, June 15, 2009

"You're outta here!" No, ALL of you

Give prep umpire Don Briggs some credit, the man knows how to take control of a precarious situation. During a high school game last week in West Burlington, Iowa, the crowd became unruly after a disputed play at the plate. So he did what any high school ump would do: He ejected the entire crowd.

We'll let the AP explain:
An umpire emptied the stands at a high school baseball game, ejecting the entire crowd of more than 100 fans for being unruly.
Fucking love the AP. So concise.

Briggs then called the police and convened with the school's superintendent, both coaches and the other umps, and after a 40-minute delay it was agreed the fans could return, under the condition that any negative comments made could result in ejection and a disorderly conduct charge.

Sounds reasonable, sure. Thing is, neither the superintendent nor the cops saw any bad behavior by the fans whatsoever. So perhaps Briggs was overreacting just slightly.

Iowa sounds so damned fun, doesn't it!? And hey, West Burlington won, 12-11. So everyone went home happy.


GMoney said...

As a high school baseball umpire with a short fuse myself, I applaud Mr. Briggs. Why throw out one person when you can get rid of everyone?

Mr. Ace said...

Your blue shield doesn't give you any power in the blogosphere GMoney. I am going to rip you a new ass hole on here tomorrow.