Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Proof Kid Rock has a fan

An email I received in response to the Kid Rock post from yesterday:
hi, I just came across your website and I find it disgusting. I hope its a joke thing but even as a joke thats disturbing. Your the most judgemental person I've ever come across and I've come across a lot. Its okay to have an opinion but not the way you have it, I'm sick of sooo many judgemental rude people that feel the need to bash on others just for their pleasure. People dont live for other people, they live for themselves. And its haters like you that spread rumors and start lies and say stupid stuff that just isnt true and stuff that you know nothing about. Everyone is different and does different things and has different lifestyles, people should be able to be themselves and live the way they want without people bashing them. And who cares how he looks or what he wears are you seriously that bored with your own life that you have to comment on things that dont even matter? You dont even know him and it should be whats on the inside that counts, but you just seem very shallow. Okay now I'm done with my rant and if you have any stupid mean thing to send back at me I really dont like negativity so I will just delete it without reading it so please dont bother. I dont mean to bash you or anything I just wanted to get my opinion out there on how I feel about your website because I dont know you or anything as a person. I just dont like such negative people, okay thats all have a nice day.
Whoa. Um, Kid Rock rules, isn't a hick and doesn't have herpes. There.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to bash you, but I just wanted to write a long e-mail telling me how much I hate you and think you are useless because you don't like Kid Rock.....some people need to get a life or maybe you need a sarcasm meter to help people out.

Bokolis said...

Ummm...Of course, the natural response would have been, "With that attitude, I doubt you've ever come across anybody." {{lets out a Roger-from-What's-Happening laugh}}

I'm reasonably sure, however, that it was a bird that e-mailed you.

GMoney said...

"are you seriously that bored with your own life that you have to comment on things that dont even matter?"

Ummmm, that is the definition of "blog", hayseed.

HM said...

Not that I want to join forces with the humorless groupies who once banged Kid Rock and now search blogs hoping their name will be mentioned, but I have to say........

I have always liked Kid Rock. Sure he is a bit of a fraud, but I like a lot of his songs and his schtick is pretty funny (Bob Ritchie from Detroit who is pure white trash becomes the great American white rapper?!?!).
And anyone who brawls over some skanky girl in a Waffle House parking lot is OK with me.

YBLJ22 said...

"And who cares how he looks or what he wears are you seriously that bored with your own life that you have to comment on things that dont even matter?"

Agree with GMoney. This is a "blog".

And most crap on TV and magazines, is just comments and stories on "crap that doesn't matter." -Reality TV and Gossip mags.

JMC said...


Bazooka Jones said...

I like how the person bashing you for being judgmental is judging you, and also that they don't like negativity, but they just wrote possibly the most negative email ever.

Chris said...

Wow, you should have sent him a link to the People I want to Kill: John Travolta's Son edition.

I'm sure they would like that more.

Anonymous said...

I also like run-on sentences and I hate punctuation.

On the fence with punctuality and personal hygiene.

Anonymous said...

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