Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ducks go duck-hunting. IRONY!

It's the offseason, they're coming off an 8-23 season and, jeez, freshmen will be freshmen. It's just how things go for the Oregon Ducks.

But when three Oregon freshmen basketball players decided that a fun activity might be to go hunting...for fucking Ducks, one can only help but chuckle.
Oregon put out this release, short on specifics, on Tuesday regarding Ernie Kent’s punishment for the Ducks who shot at ducks in Alton Baker Park. We’re pursuing more details, but this is it for now. Meanwhile, the three are due in Eugene Municipal Court on Friday.
This would still probably be funny if these guys were on, say, Oregon State, instead of Oregon. Kids shooting at Ducks is inherently funny, yet bad. Tsk, tsk. But Ducks shooting ducks. Fantastic.

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GMoney said...

If they wanted to shoot at a Duck, why not target that weirdo growth on the side of TaJuan Porter's head?