Thursday, April 16, 2009

Your obligatory 'The AL East is upside down' post

We know, we know, it's early -- OK, very early -- but take a look at the AL East standings. Completely ass-backwards, right?!

Baltimore has a winning record? The Blue Jays are more than one game above .500 and they aren't mathematically eliminated? The Orioles' Koji Uehara is 2-0? Dice-K has an ERA of 8,000 and is on the shelf? Adam Lind is a Triple Crown threat for Toronto? Nick Swisher is the Yankees most productive batter? Koji Uehara is 2-0?! WHO THE FUCK is Koji Uehara?!

Up is down and down is up. Bad is good and good is bad. We must be in Make Believe Land. Our head is spinning.

Also: Seattle, Florida and San Diego are winning divisions.

Baltimore still loses 100, right?


GMoney said...

What do you mean "upside down"? The Red Sox in last place looks pretty good to me.

Bazooka Jones said...

It is great to see.

But the O's are still going to finish fourth in the division, maybe third if we get lucky and the Yanks completely tank.

But we won't get 100 losses, we actually have a pretty good team this year. Our 1-3 guys won't keep up this ridiculous pace, but they should be solid all year. As usual the last couple guys in the rotation and the bullpen will destroy us, but our Offense and first couple starters are solid.