Thursday, April 02, 2009

You can bet on Rollie Massimino's face-time

Hey, Villanova's in the Final Four. The last time the Wildcats were there was 1985 when they won the championship. The coach? Rollie Massimino. Guess what? He's still alive and still likes going to basketball games! Someone at CBS just got a little wet.

According to Bodog, there is a prop bet on how many times we'll see Massimino on CBS' telecast Saturday when 'Nova takes on North Carolina. The over/under on how many times he'll be shown has been set at 3.5.

Over. Duh. If it was FOX, though, the over/under would probably be set at 10. And somehow we'd see shots of the Ohio State marching band.

[Ben Maller]


GMoney said...

That's an easy bet...especially if the game is close down the stretch. Is there any O/U on the number of Ed Pinckney references?

Anonymous said...

what was the final total of this. No one seems to know??