Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jamie Foxx to play Iron Mike?

Why they haven't already made a big-screen production about Mike Tyson seems strange, but while details of an upcoming film are fuzzy, Tyson is certain who he wants to portray him.
If Mike Tyson has his way, he'll get Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx to tackle his life story in an upcoming cinematic version of his life. The boxer has been talking to the press about this plan for more than a year now, and he told MTV News that it's still very close to happening.

"It's gonna be [about me]," he told MTV News about the planned collaboration. "It's gonna be Jamie Foxx portraying me in a life story."
Mike Tyson wouldn't do too bad on the big-screen himself -- it's Mike friggin' Tyson! The guy is pure drama! With MTV maybe attached to this project, though, it's gonna somehow come out like Jackass.


GMoney said...

They should cast Sinbad. Sinbad needs to make a comeback.

Anonymous said...

jamie looks just like tyson. of course all black guys look alike said...

Jamie Foxx Rules and cant wait to see Jamie Foxx in tour.
Jamie Foxx TourThanx!