Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kendra Wilkinson might pose naked again...if Hank Baskett is behind the camera

Kendra Wilkinson, who is known for some TV show on E! and being as smart as a can opener, might pose naked again which would probably be a good thing if you like blonde hair, fake cans and, well, blonde hair and fake cans. (Not that we would be so superficial).
One other thing on her mind: fiancé Hank Baskett. While she's planning their wedding, the former Playboy model says she'd love to collaborate with him professionally – as a photography subject.

"When we were doing a photo shoot to promote [upcoming reality show] Kendra, he went behind the camera for a couple and was taking pictures," she says. "Those were the best pictures I took because I was so comfortable."

As for revisiting her past, she now says, "I'd be very scared to [pose for] Playboy again. You know, now knowing I'm getting married. But the only way I would do it is definitely with him."
It's only a matter of weeks before the sex tape "accidentally" gets out, right?

[Ben Maller]
[NSFW pics of Wilkinson for those who like blonde hair and fake cans]


GMoney said...

And to think, you work for the same company as she does/did.

HM said...

Based upon her "Girls Next Door" work, I would say that she is the least appealing woman with the greatest body that I have ever seen. Dumb as a post and completely without talent. Huge guns and 2% body fat. Hank will have 6 years of unbelievable sex, and during the non-sex hours will contemplate divorcing her 100% of the time.

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