Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Knee-jerk Opening Day reactions

-Bad day for 2008 pitchers. C.C. got hit pretty good, Cliff Lee got rocked and Brandon Webb's ERA is 13.50. Meanwhile, Kevin Millwood is your Day 1 front-runner for the Cy Young along with Felix Hernandez and Joe Saunders.

-Adam Lind and Emilio Bonifacio are your respective MVPs. Lind is going to probably drive in 329 runs this year while Bonifacio will probably hit about .986.

-From Lozo's Twitter: Don Wakamatsu looks nothing like a guy whose name is Don Wakamatsu.

-The NL Central is the Pirates' to lose.

-If you had Yahoo! autodraft your fantasy team, you probably will have a solid year.

-The Padres might lose 120 games -- figuring Peavy stays healthy (and a Padre).

-Solid bullpen in St. Louis this year.

-We'll be at the Giants opener today, crossing our fingers for at least one extra-base hit.

[Image: NY Post]


GMoney said...

Tony Clark is on pace to hit 324 home runs. I think he can do it.

Bazooka Jones said...
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Bazooka Jones said...

The Baltimore Orioles are going to set a new record for runs scored.

And they'll have the first baseball highlights on Sportscenter every night.

The only thing is, the odds on #1 are better than the odds on #2.

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