Thursday, April 09, 2009

Madoff's Mets tickets might go on eBay

Late in the game getting your 2009 season tickets? You just may be in luck.

Bernard Madoff's $80,000 New York Mets baseball season tickets may be sold -- sort of -- to the highest bidder on eBay.

The trustee liquidating Madoff's assets wants court permission to sell the tickets in an online auction and use the proceeds to help reimburse Madoff's defrauded customers.

But the buyer will not get Madoff's exact seats.

Madoff's tickets were for two seats in the second row behind home plate in the Delta Club Platinum section and had a face value of about $80,191, or $295 to $695 per single ticket.

Court-appointed trustee Irving Picard has worked out a deal with the Mets to exchange Madoff's seats for two less expensive ones a few sections over and a few rows back with a face value of $60,750.

So that's what you get when you financially screw a bunch of people: a single-game ticket between $300 and $700 and some friends in the shower.

[Yahoo! Tech]


GMoney said...

Why would anyone invest money with a Mets fan???

Bokolis said...

That was the Wilpons' way of making sure that the desired person gets those seats...they wouldn't want me rolling up with Tron from Mad Real World.

They haven't copped to it, but the word is that Madoff made off (rimshot) with $300 million of the Wilpons' money. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to make them sell the team.