Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Big Picture Anniversay Spectacular Year-In-Review

The year was 2005, the date December 7th, and the time 8:44 pm. A man by the name of Zach Landres-Schnur, for the first time, hit the "Publish Post" button in his browser, and The Big Picture was born.

That fateful event was one year ago today. And in that year, we've seen this little blog grow. You've been there through the good times and the bad, through football, baseball, basketball, and everything in between, through guest writers and vacations, through the funny, the poignant, the sad, and the offensive. And we the contributors of The Big Picture would like to thank you for your loyalty. And we'd like to thank Zach for allowing us to be part of this blog that has allowed us to waste countless hours instead of doing our jobs or school work. So on this anniversary we'd like to look back at what made this past year so special.

And we now present to you, The Big Picture Anniversay Spectacular Year-In-Review:

Features: Since The Big Picture started, several features have been born. Some appear often, some rarely, but all of them are dear to us.

- Would you do...? Written by the first TBP contributor, Adam Landres-Schnur, Would you do...? has become one of the most popular features, often getting more comments than any other post. Erin Andrews and Melissa Stark are highly recommended, if you know what we mean.

- Who the fuck is...? Debuting with George Mason, Who the fuck is...? has investigated people you've never heard of, but are making news anyway.

- Hating Fox Sports. A sentiment it seems everyone who knows two shits about sports shares, TBP has been an outspoken critic of Fox Sports and the horrible coverage they provide of just about any sport they can get their hands on. We started talking shit about Tim McCarver and never looked back.

-To read today. This little feature appeared every time Zach felt like circle-jerking with the other sports bloggers out there. He'd put up a bunch of links to other blogs.

Topics Zach Loves: There are some things that Zach can't get enough of, and we're not talking about Milwaukee's Best or blondes with fake tits. We're talking about the the following:
-Marcus Vick
-The "Love Boat"
-Jenn Sterger
-Online Poker Rakeback (fucking sellout)

Other Highlights: Many other wonderful things have appeared on the site, and here's a quick list:
-The Norv Turner Update
-The Dennis Green Survival Rating
-Fake news (My favorite of which is this)
-Fun with pictures
-Made up conversations
-In Other News: Home of many of Zach's best one-liners
-Zach became famous and was picked up by SportsBlogs Nation and AOL

This is by no means a comprehensive list. If I didn't have a job, I might have been able to truly catalog all the wonderful content that's on this site, maybe even come up with a top ten posts list. But fortunately for me I do have a job, so this is all you're getting.

So thanks again Zach for putting so much of yourself into this blog. It's certainly made life more fun. Keep up the good work!

Comment Starter: If there were a top ten BP posts list, what would be on it?


Anonymous said...

Not a lot of people know this, but you are quite famous. You were my prized student in my career choices seminar.

NFL Adam said...

The first Cowgirl mailbag must be No. 1.