Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Next they'll bottle the smell of sulfur

Two NASCAR-related stories in two days? You're probably thinking we relocated from the city to the sticks, are drinking heavily again, and started sleeping with our cousin.

Only the last part is true. (Not really...that's sorta not OK, we're told).

Anyway, the creative fucks that call themselves the Elizabeth Arden marketing team have dug deep to come up with this staggering work of genius: Daytona 500 cologne.

The new fragrance for men -- which, turns out, debuted at this past Daytona 500 -- supposedly has a nice citrus aroma, according to Elizabeth Arden executive Ron Rolleston, who seemingly forgot he had a penis.

Citrus seems nice. Daytona, Florida-like. Many have made jokes already suggesting this should smell like gasoline, burning tires or beer. Not so sure the new scent -- which better be worn by NASCAR drivers -- will help get these gals, as they probably care for the smell of money over citrus anyway.

But yeah, next time you're at the track or wanna pick up a girl with one front tooth who calls her brother, "Dad," stop by your local department store and buy some Daytona 500 cologne. Hey, and with Christmas right around the bend, what better time to drop $30 so you or your loved one can wear the scent of the Daytona 500?

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