Friday, December 01, 2006

Pete Carroll to coach Arizona?

Carroll, intrigued by the Arizona job, is also intrigued by the USC Song Girls

Matt Leinart, quarterback, father, and party animal, now has insider information too. According to The Arizona Republic, Leinart said he wouldn't be surprised to see Carroll make the jump from the college ranks to the NFL.

"The Cardinals reportedly are interested in hiring Carroll should Dennis Green be fired at the end of the season. Carroll, according to sources, is intrigued with the Cardinals job."

Get right the fuck outta town. Dennis Green may be fired?! How could that be?

As for Carroll bolting to the NFL, don't think so. Sure, he may be intrigued by the job. But he's also likely intrigued when his wife mentions having a menage-a-trois. Hey, if he reunites with Leinart maybe he could be like the fun non-related "uncle" to Matthew's kid, Cole.

Though leaving USC seems far-fetched at the least. He's got a great thing going in LA and if Sweet Pete watched TV on Sundays, he'd know that the Cardinals' ship sunk long ago.

Could he restore the Cardinals with a solid core in place? Maybe, but why even try? Money isn't exactly an issue as he's built an empire at USC. And if you recall, Carroll's coached in the NFL before, a stint about as successful as Pauly Shore's career.

Look for Carroll back on the sidelines in the Los Angeles Coliseum next season. But thanks to Matt Leinart, we now know that Arizona may be an option.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine Carroll doing something that stupid, but there's one upside: if he takes the job and stinks it up, it's not like anything's particularly different for the Cardinals.

Mini Me said...

He can recruit like crazy...Why would he want to leave Southern California for Arizona? Sure they are young and have talent, but they still have a ton of problems such as their O-Line and that overpaid running back, aka Edge.

twins15 said...

Yeah, I think Carroll would be not very smart to take a job like this. He's not been very effective in the NFL, and he's been one of the most effective college coaches ever in the past few years... not sure why he would even consider a change.

JMC said...

would you rather fuck hot so-cal co-eds, or washed up NFL cheerleaders? the answer is simple.

oh, and with USC he can experience winning.

insomniac said...

I agree with all the previous comments. I just wanted to add that I love the pic you posted. Two of the song girls are looking at coach C with adoring eyes that say, "Pete told me he loved me last night."

You old dawg you.

That said...Fuck 'SC.

NFL Adam said...

Carroll might as well cash in right now while he is hot. Even if he lasts three years, he will make all of that jack. If that doesn't work out, he can return to college to coach ASU or something. Take the money, Pete.

Anonymous said...

Pete Carroll would never think of becoming another Steve Spurier. Lets face it, the NFL stands for the "No Fun League."

Trojan Football Fan since the 1973 Rose Bowl victory over Ohio State.