Monday, December 11, 2006

This ain't the 7th Floor Crew

Meet 108 Tongues. They're a Yale rap group and let's just say, um, they don't like Harvard.

Just prior to The Game between Yale and Harvard, 108 Tongues recorded the third version of their song, "Fuck Harvard," which can be heard here.

While a bunch of Yale students rapping is already basis for endless jokes, the lyrics in this year's version of "Fuck Harvard" are no laughing matter for the folks in Cambridge, Mass. According to The Harvard Crimson article:
"Eliot’s Students Assault Sexual Harassment (SASH) group met last night, focusing on a few infamous words in the song “Fuck Harvard 2006” that was released shortly before Saturday’s Harvard-Yale game: “I will rape you repeatedly and stain your linens crimson.”

While apologetic about any offense taken in response to their lyrics, members of the band, 108 Tongues, said the song was intended to amuse and entertain, rather than to cause harm."
Two things:

1. This song has certainly amused and entertained. Otherwise we wouldn't be writing about it.

2. If this SASH group is dwelling on that one line about rape, perhaps they should look at the bigger picture. Some other questionable lines:

"With thousands of pounds I got a mack 10/ Attackin' from the front and the sides/ With rims on my ride/ Riding up to Cambridge commitin' homicide."

Somewhere the boys in the 7th Floor Crew are laughing.

[Update: The gents over at We Are The Postmen have a nice take on this too.]

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Anonymous said...

It just doesn't do it for me on the level that the Dead Schembechlers do.