Monday, December 04, 2006

This, folks, is what you call a blowout

You know how when you used to play NCAA Basketball '98 for Playstation I and be Xavier, you could score like 50 points with James Posey? OK, so you don't. That's cool.

But Lincoln University, the latest team on the D-III national radar, confused Ohio State Marion for the Playstation computer Saturday, as Sami Wylie scored 69 (!!) points to lead the Lions in a 201-78 rape, pillage and burning of Salem, West Virginia (the game's location -- we hear Salem, think of witches and get to the pillage and burning analogy. Good times).

Yeah, Lincoln U (the ever-mighty Lincoln U) won a college basketball game by 123 points and scored 201! We, for one, can't count that high. And we certainly have no idea how a college team drops 201 points in a 40-minute game.

Here's one explanation: Marion had just six players in uniform and the report does not mention as to whether those six were men, women, children, apes, the Generals or G-I Joe action figures.

Another is Wylie, who hit 21 3-pointers. That, we're told, is some sort of D-III record, and don't know exactly what to make of it besides that.

Though we suppose the reality is that the Lions' pressing defense forced enough turnovers that they somehow averaged 5.025 points a minute.

And to think Lincoln lost it's game Friday night (they scored a wimpy 79, by the way). Guess coach Garfield Yuille knows how to rally his team.

We don't know if James Posey was somehow involved in this game, but he probably wasn't, and we should really stop playing video games from 1998.


Josh Centor said...

This is an absolutely disgusting display of sportsmanship and runs contrary to everything Division III stands for. As a former Division III student-athlete, I am mortified. I share more of my thoughts on the Double-A Zone, the official blog of the NCAA.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

nice point, Josh. yeah, guess the coach was never given the moral lesson not to run up the damn score.

Anonymous said...


you dumbass, the Salem witch trials were in Salem, Massachusetts, not West Vriginia.

Anonymous said...

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