Friday, December 15, 2006

The New York Knicks are spending money

And that's not money well-spent either.
released the salary information of all the NBA teams (and also the Knicks), and it's no surprise to see the Knicks at the top of the list.

New York, spending over $117 million this year, are swimming pools of money ahead of the next spendiest team, Dallas. The Mavericks come in with just over a $91 million payroll.

The report also dubbed the backcourt of Starbury and Stevie Franchise the most overpaid players.
All that money and not a single playoff-series victory for either Marbury ($17,184,375 this season) or Francis ($15,070,000), who share the starting backcourt in New York. Marbury is having the worst season of his 11-year career, and Francis, who is suffering from knee tendinitis, hasn't been especially productive when healthy. Both are signed through 2008-09.
Yep, what they said. We all know that Isiah, who seemingly wipes his ass with hundred dollar bills, already has GM/Coach of the Year in the bag with these great contracts. And with his great draft picks.

Segue. Renaldo Balkman, a favorite punching bag around here, is making nearly $1.2 mil! Wow! You've gotta think rich Knicks fans (Spike Lee, we're looking your way) would have paid Isiah $1.2 not to draft Balkman. But hey, the past's the past, right?

Balkman's contract is worth more than our second-year homeboy, Nate Robinson. But good to know Nate's a millionaire. Bet he's buying all sorts of fun toys. For some reason we picture a trampoline.


Anonymous said...

Sixers GM Billy King thanked God every day for Isiah's incompetence because people weren't talking about his suck-ass job -- until AI dropped the trade demand bomb.

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Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, the Knickerbockers are already like over the cap for 2007. Isiah is just awful, and as a 76ers fan I couldn't be happier that he's still making decisions there.

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Mike said...

Too bad the Knicks don't pay for a good coach... at least he helps his players get even more angry when they're getting blown out.

Gotta love Nate-Rob and Jeffries sticking up for their teammates while Carmelo pulls a bitch-move sucker punch.

Anonymous said...

They are spending money, but hey they are producing! Good fights that is.