Monday, December 18, 2006

Anthony Morelli is having a tough week

The guy on the Penn State football team who stands behind the center on offense has had a bad couple days. His name is Anthony Morelli and to call him a quarterback might not be the best way to describe him, though that's what he technically is.

Anyway, Nittany Lions fans have noticed the same thing about Morelli that we have -- that he generates about as much offense as someone who's legally blind and doesn't have arms. So livid are certain oddballs in Happy Valley that Morelli has received death threats via email.

Email may not exactly be the most intimidating way to be told someone wants your ass six-feet deep, but a death threat isn't the nicest thing to read first thing in the morning, no matter the delivery.

And turns out, simultaneously it seems, that Morelli is now a bit upset with his former high school coach, Neil Gordon. Says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Morelli accused Gordon and a former member of his coaching staff of spreading rumors about his inability to read defenses and his level of intelligence. He also said Gordon kept college recruiting letters from him and tried to sabotage his recruitment.

Messing with Morelli's recruitment seems like a pretty dickhead move, but the whole thing about not being able to read defenses, well, maybe Coach was right on that one. It's one thing for Morelli to fire back at his coach, but ya know, with his 10-8 TD-INT ratio this season at Penn State, it seems like Morelli does in fact have an inability to read defenses. Just sayin'...

As for the death threats, yeah, don't rule out Coach on this one.

In other news: Carmelo Anthony apologized Sunday for not inolving the fans in Saturday's brawl at Madison Square Garden.


benny said...

He might want to consider transfering to a small school cause 10 TDs and 8 Ints would be a good season. Not at Penn State.

But death threats are a bit too far. There's only a few people I would want to fall off the face of the year. Jenn Sterger, TO, and Barry Bonds to name a few. But I wouldn't send them a death threat.

Anonymous said...

He should thank his lucky stars he's only at a Big Ten school, and not OSU or Michigan at that.

There are SEC fans that might actually be nutty enough to follow through.

NFL Adam said...

Penn State realizes that their program is about as relevant as a Member's Only jacket, right?

Anonymous said...

Amazing other news haha. In regard to the Penn State QB. Tough luck bro. Being a QB at the big college schools is more pressure filled than some NFL QB jobs.