Friday, December 15, 2006

In defense of Seattle's weather

Thursday night's slushfest between the Seahawks and 49ers was the third prime-time game at Seattle's Qwest Field this season.

The other two? Monday Night Football games against Oakland and Green Bay. And what has the national audience seen? The game versus the Raiders was played in a downpour, and when the 'Hawks took on the Packers, well, just look at the picture above.

And in the 24-14 loss to the Niners last night, there was plenty of rain -- the NFL Network's Rich Eisen wouldn't shut up about it during the pre-game -- and there were legitimate typhoon warnings. Fucking typhoon in Seattle?

Folks across the country must just naturally think that Seattle is a helluva place to live. Wind, rain,, Seattle's got it all. Well, we've been here for about five years and frankly, the NFL television schedule has chosen the worst three days of weather Seattle has seen in years.

A big misconception about Seattle is that it always rains and when it rains, it pours. Seems like that was the case yesterday, but certainly not an overall trend.

Sure, it is often gray -- probably about 75% of the year consist of overcast skies. But it really doesn't rain all that much. And when it does rain, it's often nothing more than a heavy mist.

Seattle, by no means, rivals the weather of Southern California. But after the national football market has watched three games from snowy, rainy and windy Seattle, people probably have a poor image of Seattle's climate.

Would we rather have sunshine and girls running around in short shorts and halter tops? Figuring those girls are freaky, hell yeah. But the weather in this town, well, don't let what you've seen from Qwest Field this season make up your mind.

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Anonymous said...

The weather's great. That's why I had Hello, Larry set in Seattle.

Or at least I think it was Seattle. I was so drunk during those days, I just mailed it in.