Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Milwaukee Bucks have discolored hard wood

We're like waaaay late on this story (as in since the start of the NBA season, this is outdated), but when watching the Sonics play the Bucks Tuesday (it was the only, and we mean only, sporting event on TV), we noticed that Milwaukee has a new court. And we can assume -- a rather safe assumption too -- that somebody was probably fired over the design of this one.

Who's to say why the area inside the three-point line is one color while outside of it is a darker shade? Though if we were to speculate, we'd probably suggest the designer was colorblind. The new court is about as attractive as Kirstie Alley on the "Donut, Pizza and Mayonnaise Diet."

Head over to the always-wonderful YAYsports! NBA for their thoughts on this -- a post that ran nearly two months ago. (Like we said, we're waaaay late on this)! They even have a fun version of the new court. And nearing Holiday time, nothing says Ho Ho Ho like the new Bucks court. (Nothing quite says, "hideous" either, but that's well beside the point).

In other news: Minnesota Vikings defensive backs coach Joe Woods was charged Tuesday with two counts of drunken driving after he was found partying on a boat with Fred Smoot.

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JMC said...

it's no worse than painting the entire area inside the 3 point line like some teams do, right? ok it's pretty bad.