Monday, December 25, 2006

Fire Millen march about as successful as actual team

There was all sorts of hype surrounding the Lions-Bears football game Sunday. Not because people really cared about the game -- c'mon, you have the best and worst the NFC has to offer, that'll be only as exciting as the cheerleaders can make it. But the boys at Fire Millen had built up excitement for what would be a protest to call out Matt Millen for being as good a GM as Joe Buck is a person.

But turns out that only about 100 people gathered in the second quarter of the Lions' 13th loss to shout, "Fire Millen."

Not exactly the kind of movement that could start a revolution; a revolution the Lions desperately need.

Millen seems safe for now (his job that is. Safe from verbal abuse? Never.), as does first-year coach Rod Marinelli, who may have been better off staying in Tampa. As for the Lions, yeah, Brady Quinn or Troy Smith?

In other NFL news: Denver beat Cincinnati 24-23 after the Bengals were cited for disorderly conduct during their final PAT attempt.

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