Thursday, December 21, 2006

Best-looking female athletes aren't spicy hot was in the "fuck inner-beauty" kind of mood Wednesday and decided to publish a list of the best-looking male and female athletes. You can find your jerk-off material here and the list of males here, if that's your thing.

That woman to your right? That there is tennis player Maria Sharapova, who was voted as the best-looking female athlete. Now don't get us wrong, we'd certainly tear through her, given the chance. But we can think of a few other girls we'd like to have our way with over her. Take any ladies of "Would you do..." fame. C'mon, Sharapova makes Andea Kremer look like a 10.

And if she's No. 1, imagine the other girls. The photo of No. 14 Marion Jones looks a little like the mug shot of Lebron James' mom after she was charged with nearly everything short of running drugs from South America.

As for the guys, err..., we're not going to touch on it. But the list is full of some guys we've never heard of, and the "best-looking" dude is a surfer, which isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "athlete."

Some other notable females on the list:

20. Michelle Wie
17. Lisa Leslie
3. Anna

Though there was one omission we were a bit surprised about: where the fuck was Rebecca Lobo?

In other news: Georgia Tech QB Reggie Ball was declared ineligible for the Gator Bowl after not being able to effectively get the ball to Calvin Johnson.


JMC said...

isn't that a little, um, sketchy of them to include a 17 year old?

and didn't kournikova retire? don't get me wrong, she's hands down the hottest woman on that list (I assume, since I didn't look at it), but I don't think she's an athlete any more

Anonymous said...

There's not a lot of ass and even fewer tits. I'm with JMC. Anna doesn't count, so Maria wins by default.

Lisa Leslie is a horseface.

Calvin Johnson wishes Reggie had been declared academically ineligible months ago.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Wie... I'd wreck that chick. Sorry, there is something about her.

NFL Adam said...

Anna Rawson is the hottest golfer. Don't listen to the dead guy.

JMC said...

and Gabrielle Reece? C'mon, she is so 1994. Couldn't they have found someone more, ya know, current?

JMC said...

OH! and #19, this Myskina lady - whoa, nice body sure but NOT cute.

benny said...

Seriously whoever came up with that list must be a butch lesbian. Marion Jones??????????????? Fucking Marion Jones???????????????????

That's not the only ugly one on the list.

I agree with JMC. Gabby Reese is so old.

I don't think Heather Mitts is that hot but she does play for the US Women's national team and she was voted the hottest athlete the last time ESPN had a poll. Not even in the top 20 for SI.

Marion fucking Jones????????? I might not be able to sleep tonight I'm so disgusted.

Anonymous said...

My guns wouldn't touch Marion Jones.

Anonymous said...

I saw her on