Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Looks like the Jersey Mafia got to the NFL Network

Great news coming from NFL Network headquarters (if such a thing exists).

Remember last week when Rutgers's devastating loss to West Virginia not only cost them a BCS bowl game but also a chance to be seen on TV when they landed in the Texas Bowl, televised by the NFL Network

Well, Rutgers is still in the Texas Bowl, so that stills sucks for them. But it appears now that folks on the East Coast will actually be able to watch their Scarlet Knights.

The NFL has offered one free week of its network programming to two cable TV operators who do not carry the channel in hopes of breaking a deadlock.

Commissioner Roger Goodell told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the week of Dec. 24-30 would be offered as a "free view" for customers of Cablevision and Time Warner Cable, two of the nation's largest cable carriers.

From what we hear, neither Cablevision nor Time Warner Cable ordinarily carry the NFL Network. Now the people who get one of these two providers will get to watch the NFL Network for a week.

Comcast is the monopolistic cable provider out here on the West Coast, and most Comcast subscribers get the NFL Network. Our question to you is: why the fuck is a college bowl game on an NFL-only station?

As for the man pictured? No idea. But he looks like he could be in the mafia, right? For the sake of everyone here, let's say yes. And let's give this man all the credit for "negotiating" with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to open the airwaves for a week.


JMC said...

do you guys get the nfl network? I have comcast and I don't. You can only get it here if you have the super special expensive-as-a-high-class-hooker-with-a-purse-full-of-blow package

Anonymous said...

You will get to see my guns in high def. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get them to show Hello, Larry reruns on that network.