Monday, December 04, 2006

Rob Bironas would like to tell the Mannings to burn in hell

After Music City Miracle #2 last week, when the Titans staged an epic comeback to stun the New York Giants with a game-winning field goal by Rob Bironas (who the fuck is Rob Bironas?!), the fun should have stopped there.

Tennessee was up against a daunting Indianapolis Colts team Sunday and again were faced with a double-digit deficit. But again, the Titans used a titanic-sized comeback, and game-winning 60-yard field goal to beat the Colts, 20-17.

The common tie here? The quarterbacks for both losing teams go by the name Manning. It's not like Eli (Giants) and Peyton (Colts) exactly cost their respective team the game, but both took crushing losses to a mediocre Tennessee club in back-to-back weeks.

Said Bironas about his franchise-long 60-yarder:
"I needed that wind behind me today. It was all at my back ... I let the wind take it the rest of the way. Oh, and Eli and Peyton can go suck a dick."
That last part we made up, but you get the point. Two star QBs, two consecutive weeks, two gut-busting losses. Manning-haters (NFL Adam, we're looking your way), aim your "thank you's" in the direction of Mr. Bironas.

In other news: Florida Gators fans have jumped in a tub of bittersweet chocolate after the Gators earned a BCS Championship Game berth, but lost in basketball to Florida State.


Anonymous said...

No word on if he jumped into the shower like Martin Grammtica........

I bet he jumped AWAY from Albert Hanesworth

Also, Both mangement and Jeff Fisher have denied the signing of a contract extention.

NFL Adam said...

I like this guy.

Nye! said...

When I saw a link to this post, describing it as something about a kicker who hates the Mannings, I assumed it was about Vanderjagt. He managed to do in Peyton with his missed FGs for the Colts, and managed to get himself cut just in time to allow Martin Gramatica to knock off Eli's Giants. Well done to both of them, I think.