Friday, October 06, 2006

Stephen Jackson: T.H.U.G!

We're well aware that professional athletes will have the occasional guys night out, which seem to regularly involve strippers, hookers and double-headed dildoes.

The night usually ends with wild Byrant McKinnie type sex and that's it.

Well, that wasn't it for Stephen Jackson and his Indiana Pacer teammates last night.

Jackson, who became a Big Picture favorite after his role in the Basketbrawl, frequented an Indianapolis strip club, had some words with the club's other guests, and ended up getting punched in the mouth and hit by a car. He then fired shots into the air, apparently in self-defense.

Not a whole lot to say here except SAVAGE!!!! The AP report also says some weed was found in Jamaal Tinsley's car, and that Tinsley and Marquis Daniels also had guns on them. All the guns were registered and not used in the shooting of the Duquesne basketball team.

It's unknown as to what provoked this little meleé, and based on Jackson's reputation, we aren't gonna even guess.

So the same crazy player that brought you the riot in Detroit is now getting hit by cars and firing guns. If only Ron Artest was at the scene.

And as a close friend of The Big Picture mentioned to us earlier today, "I'm betting Jackson fired off a few shots inside the strip club as well. Bing!"

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JMC said...

that line about Duquense is priceless