Friday, October 13, 2006

Someone tell this bitch to be cool

Victoria Caldwell is a bit loud. So loud in fact, that she was getting complaints from her section mates at Tennessee's Neyland Stadium.

Why? She was cheering too much.

Now we've never been to Neyland Stadium, nor the state of Tennessee for that matter, but we've seen the Vols on TV and it seems that the fans like to cheer, no?

Anyway, we imagine this chick must be outrageous in the sack. Not like Jeanne Zelasko. If she's pissing off fans at a stadium that holds 100,000+ people because she's cheering loudly, just imagine her in the bedroom.

She's the type who'd wake up people in fucking Mississippi.

But again, the article says she was cheering at some inopportune times. Perhaps she is that fan who you just turn away from when they say something. You know, that really annoying person you want to pull a Jason Kidd on, but instead just sit idly by while she humiliates herself and the team.

In the end, it seems Caldwell really is just one of those fans who doesn't exactly knows what's going on, but likes others to know she's in attendance...yeah, kinda like a sorority girl.

In other news: The Mets beat the Cardinals 2-0 in Game 1 of the NLCS Thursday as Tom Glavine traveled back to 1993.


lipner said...

neyland stadium is fucking nuts. those fans are hella loud, so what the fuck is wrong with one chick wanting to be as loud as the toothless, sister-banging coors-light drinking men around her. and if they can get her busted for this, why can't i get the racist asshole behind me at pac-bell to be told to shut the fuck up by the giants? just wondering.

as for j-kidd, he's the biggest punk-ass to come outta oakland since gary payton!

Anonymous said...

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