Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hey, so Barbaro's still alive

Keep dreamin', Buddy. Barbaro is for the ladies.

Been a while since we last mentioned good ol' Barbaro. But fuck it, it's Hump Day and we really felt like talking about Babs.

He's doing just fine it sounds like. Still in the ICU and the healing process is gradual if not painstakingly slow.

At first we were just sick of all the Barbaro news. Horses die everyday. Just because this one's semen is pretty valuable makes him different? We were all about the media laying off and let the doctors do their thing, Babs do his thing, and the fans (fans?) do their thing.

But now, believe it or not, we're pulling for Barbaro. He might make it out of this after all. And maybe he will. He could run again, make gamblers happy and could breed.

You know there are some Fillies out their just begging to get a night with Barbaro. Most horses may go to a horsey party and have to drop some Roofies in the punch in order to get Filly pussy.

But not Barbaro. That horse has fucking game. He's the type of race horse to walk in a room and just make the music stop. Heads will turn, draws will drop and mouths will water.

We're about 110% sure that Barbaro can pull pussy easier than an NFL player. We wouldn't be surprised if Barbaro had a different girl in every city. And no, we stopped talking about Fillies a few paragraphs ago. We're talking about women. And fucking hot women too.

Barbaro is so on -- especially when he can play the "sympathy card" like he's been able to do the last few months -- that he's probably near Wilt Chamberlain fame.

Perhaps it's a good thing after all that Barbaro's doing well. Good for him.


Mini Me said...

Glad to hear that horse is doing well. I hope he makes many babies throughout the remainder of his life!

Anonymous said...

fuck you he died now are you happy?

Anonymous said...

Barbaro had more guts and balls
then you'll ever dream of having.
You sound like some little nobody
who needs to tryand get attention
anyway they can. Fuck you.