Friday, October 20, 2006

The smart kids can fight too

Overshadowed by the melee in South Florida Saturday, (which we've touched on plenty this week; here, here and sorta here) was another college football brawl.

The smart kids over at Dartmouth and Holy Cross (we think they're smart over at Holy Cross. Certainly brighter than the kids over at The U) had a little scuffle of their own this past weekend, as there was some pushing, shoving, and helmet swinging name-calling. It was soooo bad, that Dartmouth apologized for the brawl.

We don't have video or details of what was actually said, but we can imagine that Dartmouth made some cracks about Holy Cross not having a graduate program and the Crusaders likely ragged on Dartmouth for being located in New Hampshire.

And an interesting side note, the Dartmouth head coach is Buddy Teevens, you know, the former Stanford coach. We'd say it's a shame to see Teevens go from a Pac-10 school to an Ivy League one, but the way Stanford's been playing, perhaps it's a good thing he got out when he did.

Oh, and if you didn't know, Dartmouth is nicknamed the Big Green. Ricky Williams is probably a fan.

(Edit: so we jumped to the conclusions above: there is video!)

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