Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Morning Bloggerback

Thoughts on week 5 of the NFL:

- So the Bears. Or "Daaaa Bears" as I like to call them. 40-7 over the Bills. It's looking more and more like 1985.

- Carolina: 0-2 without Steve Smith. 3-0 with him. MVP?

- Indianapolis: Maybe the least convincing 5-0 team we've ever seen. Perhaps Peyton needs to spend a little more time preparing for the game and a little less time shooting commercials.

- Matt Millen: Does anyone have any clue why this man still has a job?

- Pittsburgh: Not looking like the defending Super Bowl champs.

- San Diego: Looking awesome in the powder blues.

- Terrell Owens: Great use of the term "non-factor" by the Associated Press.

- Vince Young: Just doesn't look quite right wearing socks.

- Reggie Bush: Scores his first NFL TD and still isn't a Houston Texan.

- Oakland: Quoting an email from Zach: "It's a good thing Art Shell is on the large side because when he gets fired (which has gotta be soon) he'll have some of his fat to live on." Harsh.

-Jameson Costello


Mini Me said...

TO was a non-factor because Drew Bledsoe is like a statue back there in the backfield. It seemed the Eagles blitzed almost every play. And when they did that Bledsoe could never throw the ball at the WR. He either got sacked or underthrew them. Yes TO had a bad game but most of that isn't his fault.

JMC said...

yes, I'm still not sure why anyone thought Drew Bledsoe could be an effective NFL quarterback anymore