Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Even Norv Turner couldn't make the Raiders worse

The professional football team formerly known as the Oakland Raiders have stopped playing what sports fans have come to know as football.

The Raiders are so bad, so ass-fucking bad, that even 49ers offensive coordinator Norv Turner couldn't make them worse.

Sure, Norv is doing a bang-up job with the 49ers, trying his best to drive them to the ground. Twice on 4th-and-inches in the Niners victory Sunday, San Francisco ran right into Warren Sapp and were stopped both times. Brilliant play calling. If it doesn't work the first time, hell, try it again, right? That's Norv's philosophy anyway.

But back to the Raaaaiiiders. Wow. The Hater Nation are collectively wetting themselves with the way Oakland's season has begun. The outlook is so bleak in Oakland, the gentlemen over at Kissing Suzy Kolber have a post of potential top draft picks for the Silver and Black.

And that's the thing with the Raiders. Give them the first pick every year and they're bound to fuck it up. C'mon. Robert Gallery? Sebastian Janikowski? Might as well just pick a name out of a hat.

It must be tough times being pro football fans in the Bay Area. On one side of the Bay you have Norv and Niners, the other side it's Art, Al and the Misfits.

Good thing the A's are still playing well.

In other news: Denver beat Baltimore 13-3 Monday after Baltimore's offense went into hibernation because of the cold weather.


NFL Adam said...

We are talking Raiders on the new AOL Sports Blog, too.

Mini Me said...

Norv Turner is doing wonders in SF right now!

twins15 said...

I couldn't do worse. What a mess.