Thursday, October 26, 2006

"The World's Largest..."

Not too many compelling match ups this upcoming College Football Saturday, but one that will gain some attention is "The World's Largest Outdoor (Expletive) Party" between Georgia and Florida.

If you recall, both school's presidents really don't like promoting liquor and binge drinking, so they're doing their best to keep the media, fans and players from referring to the game as "The World's Largest Cocktail Party."

Of course this has the fine folks over at Everyday Should be Saturday pretty pissed. But as wonderful as they are, they didn't rant, rather they did something about it. They created some great t-shirts, like the one shown above, and had a great thread about some alternate names for Saturday's game.

Some fun ones from the hilarious commenters over at EDSBS:

-World’s largest what is that smell?
-World’s largest gathering of married alumni ogling hot coeds
-World’s largest cock & tail party
-World’s largest Outdoor “The Things We Do Not Speak Of” Party
-World’s Only Reason to Go to Jacksonville
-World's largest Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
-World's largest gathering of drunk, uninhibited, smoking hot sorority tail

And some of our own:

-World's largest outdoor meeting of people who thought the South was right
-World's largest outdoor Shirley Temple party
-World's largest outdoor gangbang
-World's largest outdoor gathering of former slave owners
-World's largest outdoor marijuana party
-World's largest outdoor congregation of Southern people

Ok, we know you readers are far funnier than we are anyway. Leave your suggestions in the comments. JMC, we expect wonders for you, being a former improv stud and all. All right, make it happen in the comments.


JMC said...

way to put the pressure on. Let me get back to you about the "World's largest risk of commiting statutory party" later on

JMC said...

the world's largest outdoor blue-ball party

Peralta said...

World's largest outdoor blue ball party hahahahahha

Anonymous said...

world's largest outdoor sausage fest.

Anonymous said...

We could call this blog the World's largest internet piece of crap!!!! =)

JMC said...

I love people who anonymously talk shit. lots of integrity in that

Mini Me said...

THose are funny ideas.

Anonymous said...

the world's largest outdoor AA meeting.

peralta said...

Jmc even if they had a name, what would be the point? It's not like you can find them and beat them up.

JMC said...

I wouldn't do that anyway. I'ma lover not a fighter