Thursday, October 05, 2006

Matthew McConaughey is a filthy traitor

McConaughey may not be as bad as this guy, but still, the actor has a torn allegiance. Don't know what we're talking about? Well, you will in a minute.

What we're doing is writing about sports and referencing pop culture, a hot topic in the blogosphere lately. See, there was a college football game Wednesday night. Why? Who the fuck knows? But Marshall was hosting Central Florida and who was on the Marshall sidelines? None other than Matt fucking McConaughey.

He was there supporting his upcoming film, "We Are Marshall," about how the university overcame a tragic plane crash in 1970. McConaughey was wearing a Marshall shirt (well, a "We Are Marshall" shirt) and was adamantly supporting the Thundering Herd.

Though last we checked, Matthew was a "diehard" Texas Longhorns fan. Remember at the 2006 Rose Bowl? The camera couldn't get off of him.

Hooker...err...Hook 'em

Ok, so he roots for Texas. Big deal. But now he's going ape shit over Marshall too? What if the two teams squared off? He'd be in the same quandary that he's in when he's drunk and staring at a white girl and black girl. Gotta pick one, Matt.

Um, Black Power?

We imagine McConaughey was heartbroken too when Central Florida won 23-22 on a field goal with about 10 seconds left in the game. Once a Marshall fan, always a Marshall fan. Yeah, that's it.

In other news: Mark Kotsay hit an inside-the-park homerun Wednesday after Torii Hunter dove for the Kotsay line drive, missed, made some chicken parmesan and watched reruns of "Seinfeld."


schlik1 said...

Yeah, as a Horns fan I have to say I am sick of Matt. I hope he switches to Marshall and never comes back.
His little escipade to try to rally the troupes during the Ohio State game was bull. And then suprisingly he wasn't at the Iowa State game. Not exciting enough for him?
I don't really care who he roots for, I just think he needs to shrink his head a little bit. He's not even that great an actor, much less a football fan.

vinceyoungshouldvebeenaWR said...


chill out dude

they're a mid major, its not like he's cheering for OU or A&M

Anonymous said...

Um, wake up friend. He's just doing publicity for that movie he's in about everyone on Marshall's football team dieing in the plane crash.

Unknown said...

fuck all yall

Unknown said...

fuck all yall