Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some call them cheerleaders, we'll call them sluts...but in a good way

Aren't college girls great!? Last year, the University of Louisville cheerleaders had fun during Halloween. Rather than dressing up as your traditional witch, ghost or vampire, these fine ladies decided to go out on Halloween as hookers.

Fortunately, they weren't charging for sex, but the way they were dressed, perhaps they should have. The Cardinals cheer squad said they dressed up as the Victoria's Secret angles, though we just think they were call girls with wings.

But this is a prime example of why both Halloween and college are so wonderful. Girls dress in as little as possible and it's the one night of the year they basically just have a sign on their chest that says: "I want to get drunk and have meaningless sex."

And we want to be there when they say that...though not in Louisville, Ky. We'd prefer LA, Miami or Phoenix. But the women in Seattle do seem to come out of the woods on Halloween and look like, well, angels.

A big tip of the cap to the fine gentlemen over at The M Zone for this.

Norv Turner Update: Yep, still employed by the 49ers. We're not sure why either.

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