Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Now Marcus, that wasn’t very nice

For those of you who were still nursing your New Year’s Eve hangover on Jan. 2, you may have missed the ever-so-popular Gator Bowl and Marcus Vick highlights. Younger brother of Atlanta Falcons’ QB, Michael, L’il Vick is thought to have as big of an upside as his big bro.

Well, we’ll find out soon. Because after many legal problems and poor sportsmanship in the Gator Bowl (he stomped on the calf of Louisville defensive end Elvis Dumervil – the NCAA sacks leader) Vick has been kicked off the Virginia Tech football team.

“It’s not a big deal. I’ll just move on to the next level, baby,” Vick told The Virginian-Pilot.

Many will disagree and suggest that it was a big deal. For instance
the university, his coach and the Virginia Tech fans.

As for the “next level,” we’ll assume that he’s talking about the NFL, despite NFL Europe being a likelier option.

This is L’il Vick at his best: playing down the importance of a major screw up. And his unsportsmanlike behavior in the Gator Bowl is the least of his problems. Here’s a timeline of some of his low-lights:

Feb. 17, 2004
Arrested without incident and charged with four misdemeanors — three for allegedly allowing underage girls to have alcohol and one for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old at a January party.
(He was found innocent of having sex with the 15-year-old. Phew!).

July 3, 2004
Charged with reckless driving and possession of marijuana.
(Think the pot caused him to drive badly? Meh, probably not).

Aug. 3, 2004
Suspended from the university for the 2004 season.
(But he got really good at NCAA 2005 for PS2).

Jan. 2, 2006
The leg stomping thing…yada yada yada.

Jan. 6, 2006
Dismissed from the Virginia Tech football team.
(Plenty of time now to get loaded and watch “Half Baked”).

Jan. 9, 2006
Turned himself in to the police after pointing a gun at three people in a McDonald’s parking lot.
(Hey, the guy was just trying to get a Big Mac.)

It’s clear that L’il Vick is missing some screws in his head and it seems that he may be tarnishing his older brother’s reputation as well as destroying his. Michael Vick, who is one of the most marketable players in the NFL, is no angel himself.

Though not well publicized, last spring Mike Vick found himself in the middle of an embarrassing legal mess.

Vick was slapped with a lawsuit by a woman who claimed that he gave her herpes. The woman tried to sue because she said that Vick hadn’t told her about his condition. Meanwhile, he was receiving treatment for the STD and tried to hide it from the public by using the alias, Ron Mexico.

Catchy, huh?

This story went under the radar and saved face for Mexico. But L’il Mexico is doing his darnedest now to bring down the family name. These constant mishaps reflect badly on his school, his character and the entire Mexico family.

One can assume though that L’il Mexico could bring the same explosiveness (that was not a gun joke, I swear) to an NFL team that Big Mexico does. While the Falcons went a disappointing 8-8 this season and appeared not to play football the last two weeks of the season, Ron Mexico is still among the most exciting players in the league. He adds a fire to the Atlanta offense that is not replicated (yet) in the NFL.

L’il Mexico, if he avoids jail, is expected to be, at best, a late-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Despite being an unproven college player, it’s thought that he too could burn defenses with his blazing speed and agility.

I’m disappointed how L’il Mexico, a guy with such a large upside, could have it all unravel in the span of just a few years. He has put a bad name to Virginia Tech football and the Mexico/Vick family. I think we’re all rooting for him to turn it around and join his big bro playing on Sundays.

As an Atlanta Falcon? Perhaps someday. First he may have a visit to NFL Europe. Though Amsterdam is probably not the best option for him.

In other news: Washington safety Sean Taylor was fined $17,000 for spitting in Michael Pittman's face and for calling him mean names.


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