Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wild Card Weekend

After nailing all four Wild Card games, I have been contacted by ESPN to be one of their "experts" who make bold predictions. I also may move to Vegas to commence my gambling addiction, which needs to start now. I'm hotter than Lisa Guerrero!

Some thoughts about today's games:

-How much worse could it have gotten for the Bengals? Lose Carson Palmer on the opening drive to a blown out knee and then blow a 10-0 lead to lose at home. I have sympathy for you and encourage all folks in Cincinnati to get completely loaded right now.

-The New York Football Giants didn't seem like they were playing much football today.

-Eli Manning makes The Big Picture look incredible by getting picked off 16 times.

-After bashing Ben Roethlisberger earlier, I still hold true the belief that Big Ben sucks. Wait for the Indy defense, buddy.

-I admire and idolize Chad Johnson. That guy tailgated before the game to make fans more comfortable. Think he faded some beers so that he would be more comfortable too?

-By the numbers: DeShaun Foster 151 yards, Eli Manning 113 yards. Yowzers!

So next week we'll see the Steelers travel to Indy, New England take on Denver, Carolina will play (and certainly beat -- you have The Big Picture guarantee on that one) Da Bears, and Seattle hosts the Redskins.

More to come next week...

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