Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thoughts from the early game

Final score: Seattle 20, Washington 10

-That may have been the most boring game since Washington beat Tampa Bay in the playoffs. Oh wait, that was just last week.

-Somehow it doesn't seem to matter that Shaun Alexander got hurt. Don't think he would've run too far against that Skins' defense today.

-Darrell Jackson, goes out with a back injury, is listed as questionable, then has more receiving yards than Washington has total yards (not true, by the way, but exaggeration leads to a more compelling argument or something).

-Anyone else get a glimpse of Alexander after Hasselbeck ran in his third quarter touchdown? The MVP looked giddy as a school boy! Maybe he won some sort of spelling bee on the sidelines.

-As you read here in my previous post, weather would be a factor. It appeared to hurt the home team more than the visitors, but perhaps the Redskins get sad when it rains.

-Someone forgot to tell Seahawks' special team returners that when it is wet, the ball gets slippery. Novel concept, I know.

-Washington took some momentum into a John Hall field goal attempt to try to make it a seven-point game, but Joe Gibbs made a call to the bench and brought in Kris Brown to shank it.

-To freshen your memory: When a team puts together a couple of first downs, it's called a "drive."

-I got mildly excited when the Redskins got a first down in the third quarter, but quickly realized it was just the adrenaline from a thrilling Husky b-ball victory over UCLA.

-And at the end of the day (well, more like at the end of the first game) my record remains flawless at 5-0.


insomniac said...

Nice rally for the Huskies- congrats. I can only assume that in the locker room at halftime, Lorenzo Romar and Cam Dollar reminded their players that the rules allow you to put a hand in the face of opposing shooters.

Anonymous said...

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