Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunday NFL roundup

Hey, you don't win them all. (Nor does Indianapolis apparently). After having a remarkable run at perfection, The Big Picture, much like the Colts, went down hard. 4-0 in the Wild Card round, I close out the Divisional Round a mediocre 2-2 -- and I don't deal well with mediocrity.

Some thoughts about yesterday:

Steelers 21 at Colts 18:

-I can't remember a time I was this into a game. That phrase, "on the edge of your seat"...well, it finally made sense.

-As a Peyton Manning fan, I was pulling for the Colts today. I was surprised to see their offense struggle so much at times, but in the end, I'm happy Pittsburgh won.

-Jerome Bettis' fumble on the goal line, that nearly cost the Steelers the game, could've been his last carry ever. I'm certainly glad it's not.

-As for the interception that wasn't: Perhaps the worst call I've ever seen. If I was a Steelers' fan, I probably would have thrown my TV out the window right then. (Good thing I'm not a Steelers' fan).

-Mike Vanderjagt, tsk, tsk, tsk. Peyton (and The Bus) gave you a shot to win, and your arrogance pushed the ball wide right. I hear Florida State could use a new kicker.

-Speaking of Vanderjagt and Bettis, think The Bus got cozy with him after the game? He did bail him out and all.

-So I kept hearing the term "Blitzburgh" today because the Steelers often blitz and are from the city of Pittsburgh. Someone got a gold star for coming up with that. Pure genius.

-Often The Big Picture has thrown insults in the direction of Big Ben Roethlisberger. I'm still not sold on his quarterbacking abilities, but he'd be a helluva linebacker. His tackle saved the season for Pittsburgh (and tagged me with a second incorrect pick -- that bastard).

-I got very good at reading lips today. They kept saying for some reason, "He missed it."

-ESPN's poll currently has Pittsburgh the favorite to win the Super Bowl. No argument here.

Panthers 29 at Bears 21:

-Wow! Who woulda thunk they would've scored this many points?! I thought 50 -- the combined amount of points -- would have been Chicago's first half yardage.

-The final score of this game, say if USC were playing Texas in it, would equate to 299 to 221.

-As I mentioned yesterday, Joe Buck had the call today for Fox. I just love him. I dreamt about him last night, in fact.

-Here's Fox's knowledgeable announcers at their best: In the first quarter, Chris Gamble stripped Justin Gage after a short completion, and Julius Peppers returned it for a TD. The play was reviewed and overturned because Gage's knee was down when he was hit, thus down-by-contact. Well, good ol' Buck and Aikman did not even fathom that down-by-contact was an option. Hats off Fox!

-I continually and relentlessly rip into Rex Grossman and usually for good reason. But today he nearly won the game for the Bears. Then, much to my pleasure, with a chance to tie the game in the final minutes, what does Grossman do? He throws a perfect pass to Ken Lucas for a gain of 15 -- no wait, Lucas plays for Carolina. Way to go, Rex.

-DeShaun Foster breaks his ankle and half of Seattle has one of those sympathy sighs, smiles and high fives.

-Steve Smith: 12 catches, 218 yards, 2 td; 3 rushes, 26 yards. That equals 24 points in my fantasy league! If only fantasy leagues were still going...

-Where was Chicago's defense today? They surrendered 29 points, 434 total yards, six goals and 11 runs.

-Home field advantage? Yeah, not too important Sunday.

And while you were watching grown men grope eachother:

-Make it a good day all around for Pittsburgh. The 11th-ranked Pitt Panthers -- behind five dudes you've never heard of -- remain undefeated, beating #10 Louisville 61-57.

-It had the feeling of March Madness in Columbus, Ohio thanks to CBS' Gus Johnson and a thrilling double overtime game between #16 Ohio State and #15 Michigan State. The Spartans won by three, 62-59. (Yes, it was double-OT and a team won with a mere 62 points. The Bears and Panthers played basketball today too).

-#21 Maryland beat Wake Forest 90-86 and Terps' coach Gary Williams only popped three blood vessels in his forehead!

In other news: There's some tennis tournament being played in Australia. Thought you may like to know.


JMC said...

oh, but fantasy is still going. In fact, in the playoff challenge I'm holding strong in 33,226th place. Course I was drunk when I set my lineup for this week and I had Shaun Alexander (cuncussion) so that might have something to do with it.

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