Saturday, January 14, 2006

The playoffs are coming! The playoffs are coming!

After going 4-0 with my picks last week, my confidence is at an all-time high. We have two games Saturday, with Washington and Seattle starting us off in the wee hours of the morning (12:30 p.m. PST) and then New England at Denver. Unfortunately, the Seattle game is televised on Fox. Can't wait to hear Joe Buck first thing in the morning.

Redskins at Seahawks:

You heard it here first: the weather will be a factor. It's rained here in Seattle for 198 straight days (really more like 27 -- which, by the way, is approaching some sort of record) and the Seahawks like the rain and cold and all that other shit that gives people Seasonal Affect Disorder. Washington looked pretty good last week, proving that Tampa Bay's Chris Simms is no better than a high school quarterback, by forcing all sorts of turnovers that led to scores. Washington's offense didn't look so hot though and it likely won't Saturday either. Shaun Alexander, MVP and huge G (just look at the picture), will probably run for about 350 yards and seven touchdowns. This one should be a sleeper I may just stay in bed until the New England game. (Well, that's not true because the Huskies take on UCLA at 1 p.m. I'll likely be watching that instead).

The Big Picture pick: Seattle 178, Washington 20

(Somewhat-random aside: I would love to see this game go into overtime so our boy Matt Hasselbeck can say something after the coin toss like, "We want the ball and we're gonna score!" Remember, he said that after the Hawks won the coin toss against Green Bay in the 2004 playoffs. The Packers' Al Harris then proceeded to pick off Hasselbeck, return it for the winning touchdown, and nail Hasselbeck's wife after the game).

Patriots at Broncos:

There are about three people outside of Colorado pulling for the Broncos. People are eagerly awaiting an AFC Championship game between Indy and New England. Hate to tell ya, but that would require that the Colts win as well.

Anyway, this really should be a pretty good game. I'm almost excited for it.


Funny story. During Denver's bye week, I was contacted by Mike Shanahan (because of my excellent picks last week) and he asked if I wanted to be their featured running back for Saturday's game. I told him that I was flattered, but would rather just sit on my ass. Instead of me, Denver will platoon Tatum Bell, Mike Anderson and some cheerleaders. It's safe to say, that the trio will run for 900+ yards -- yes, even against a solid New England defense.

But Jake Plummer, midway through the first half, will realize he needs a haircut, shave and entire fucking makeover, and that's when New England will make their surge. Tom Brady doesn't lose playoff games and I don't mess up picks.

The Big Picture pick: New England 27, Denver 17

(Sunday's picks to come later...)

In other news: Kobe Bryant beat the Cleveland Cavaliers Thursday night 99-98.


insomniac said...

That Washington-UCLA game should be a track meet. As a UCLA alum, I'm really worried about the game. The Bruins have five players (Shipp, Bozeman, Mata, Hollins, Fey) laid out with injuries. It should be an entertaining game that the Huskies pull out at the end.

Dinur said...

Hey Zach
Wanted to let you know that this site kicks major ass. Love the humor, the stories always make me smile and laugh. One slight detail: Al Harris was the GB corner that Hasselbeck hit in stride in OT last year. I'm heading to NY and Israel for 3 weeks on Sunday, but I'll try and check on the site once in a while (at least while I'm visiting family in Israel).


JMC said...

I'm still trying to decide if Jake Plummer or Adam Morrison is uglier - it's really a coin toss at this point.

Anonymous said...


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