Thursday, October 01, 2009

Traitor, Iscariot, asshole...It's Packers-Vikings week

Minnesota and the Miracle Vikings host the Packers this week. Not as exciting as Nov. 1 will be when Favre returns to Green Bay, but you know some Packers defenders are gonna go for Favre's knees this week.

Niners fans sure want that to be the case after he put the finishing touches on a horrible weekend in Bay Area sports. You lucky sonuvabitch.

For the Cheeseheads that make the trek to Vikingville, they'll be decked out in some of the shirts above and the others that The Angry T found.

Will Favre eventually retire a Packer? He's got to. But after this charade, he might not be welcomed back.


Bokolis said...

As far as the Judas thing goes, I doubt Farve will get it anywhere near as bad as Sol Campbell, the model for the contemporary sports Judas, who left his boyhood team for its biggest rivals while in the prime (such as it was) of his career. 8 years on, they're still (or Youtube) the chants.

They can rip him all they want (and I never cared for the muthafucka) but, without him, it's not a given that Green Bay still has a team.

GMoney said...

Shouldn't it be "Benedict Favre" and not "Benedict Brett"? Do they even have schools in Wisconsin?

HM said...

To GMoney -- amen. But it is hard for Packers fans to figure out that "Arnold" was his last name when they are drunk 85% of the time.