Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hats off, TBS: you're just as bad as FOX

We were looking forward to the the first round of the playoffs NOT being on FOX; anything is better than Joe Buck.

While TBS is a nice change of pace, it isn't exactly taking advantage of the situation.

Tuesday, Chip Carey mistook a double play for a base hit (and we swear did something similar Wednesday! Anyone get audio?) and also didn't pay much attention to Brandon Inge's shirt being hit with the bases loaded in the 12th.

Then there's Craig Sager and his ridiculous suits. One writer puts it best: "A reporter’s job is to tell the story, not try to become part of it." We'd just say he looks like crayon.

And anybody feel us when we say that it sounds like Ron Darling constantly has glue in his mouth?


GMoney said...

Bitch all you want, but Yankees games starting at 6 pm is awesome.

Anonymous said...

right now i could care less how they sound in the booth, they need to fix the technical difficulties they continue to have i.e. cardinals v dodgers game...if my memory serves correct they had some blackout issues because some transforms went out back in the atl

HM said...

Chip early yesterday -- "There is a single to left." (ball is easily caught) "..or I should say, caught by Delmon Young."

I turned the sound off. It is too horrible to listen to. And what the hell do they need to chart every pitch for? Does TBS review every single play in football or basketball to show whether a guy was lined up offsides or maybe there was a foul away from the play? Maybe we can chart just the controversial pitches?

Ron Darling:

1) (After a Mauer double):
"That is Joe Mauer -- one of the better hitters in the league." Wow. Don't go out there on a limb, Ron.
He won the batting title by double digits and led the league in slugging and on-base percentages. Barack Obama -- one of the U.S.'s more successful black politicians.

2) (After a Cuddyer single to right scores a run):

"Oooh, unlucky there for Sabathia." Unlucky? Generally you hear "good piece of hitting." I guess technically ALL hits against you that don't go over the fence are sort of unlucky -- your guy COULD have been standing right where the ball was hit. Which brings us to:

3) (Span hits the ball right where A-Rod is standing at third, resulting in a double play):

"That is why Alex Rodriguez is so great. Did you see how perfectly he was positioned for Span?"

Do the Yankees just allow A-Rod to wander wherever he wants on the infield? Could he have played Span standing right next to Jeter at short? I would guess that the Yankees (like all other MLB teams) tell their infielders exactly where to play all hitters.

And while Cuddyer's hit was "unlucky" for the Yanks, Span's hard-hit one hopper right at A-Rod great A-Rod is.

The Twins will be swept; I accept that, but the TBS guys are brutal.

JMC said...

this is why everyone should have a sportsync radio