Wednesday, October 14, 2009

0-82: How the Warriors have already ensured themselves a terrible 09-10 season

It's a very good thing we don't care for the NBA (or the Warriors, really) because Golden State is becoming the Oakland Raiders of professional basketball.

A timeline:

-August: Stephen Jackson publicly asks to be traded.

-Sept. 28: Monta Ellis says he won't share the backcourt with first-round pick Stephen Curry.

-Oct. 9: Jackson bursts out at coach Don Nelson in preseason game against the Lakers and gets two-game suspension for it.

-Oct. 13: Jackson asked to relinquish his position as captain, but doesn't really seem to mind.
"I don't want to be a role model. ... Being captain was overrated to me, anyway. You don't do anything but go out before the game and talk to the refs. I don't want to do that, anyway."
We're sure far more missteps have happened since going 29-53 last season, but we haven't really paid much attention, because these are the Warriors and bad things happen to the Warriors.

So, who's ready for basketball season? Wake us up when the Lakers have won it again.


CT Buckeye said...

Who are the Warriors and what sport do they play?

YBLJ22 said...

The Warriors are from Coney Island and they killed Cyrus. Not sure if they play a sport but they do use baseball bats.

GMoney said...

Asking to not be the captain anymore...HILARIOUS!!! Has this ever happened before? I mean, Jason Varitek SHOULD have his C taken away.

JMC said...

on the radio yesterday they were talking about this - apparently the GM took Ellis and Jackson out to dinner during the offseason and essentially promised to make a trade for a big man (eg Stoudamire) and would use their first round pick to do it, because they didn't any more young players (remember, Don Nelson does not play rookies). So then no trade is made and they draft yet another undersized guard. Ouch. No wonder those two "faces of the franchise" want out.

JMC said...

that should say "didn't WANT any more young players"

rstiles said...

Do they have any hot cheerleaders

HM said...

0-82? Not if they have the Timberwolves 3 or 4 times.