Monday, October 12, 2009

Ha! Take that, Boston

We're so used to Boston winning everything that when the city has a day like it did Sunday, we're not really sure what to do but stand around with hands in our pockets looking a little confused.

But the Red Sox -- even better: Jonathan Papelbon! -- gave up three runs in the ninth to get swept under the rug. And the Patriots lost in OT to Denver!

Welcome to pain, misery and losing, Boston. This is what sports is really like...

-Take that, Red Sox

-Take that, Patriots

-Take that, Jonathan Papelbon

-Take that, The Departed

-Take that, Aerosmith

-Take that, Robert Frost

-Take that, Boston Massacre

-Take that, Matt Damon

-Take that, Bunker Hill

-Take that, MIT

-Take that, Charles River

-Take that, Logan International

-Take that, Area Code 617

-Take that, Hyde Park

-Take that, Fleet

-Take that, "wicked"

-Take that, Gone Baby Gone

-Take that, Boston!

Your Boston animosity in the comments...


rstiles said...

Papelbon - that arrogant prick got what he deserved...

Anonymous said...

What a piss-uh! FU Boston!

Anonymous said...


GMoney said...
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John said...

geez, so much hatred. where were you in 2003 when i nearly broke my hand because of aaron fucking boone? mind you, i hate the patriots too (and loathe pretty boy and his dad billy b) but can we please focus on who the true enemy is: the new york yankees.

every fucking time i hear an announcer say how this yankees team 'does all the little things right' i want to throw up in my mouth. they spent $423.5 million fucking dollars in the offseason. and that doesn't even include them buying arod that's why they're the best team. i'm not saying boston is poor, but can we please save the vitriol for the evil empire?

Bokolis said...

I don't really have a beef with the Yankees, but I detest their fans. That said, don't blame the money when you lose. The ugly truth is that the Yankees have the capacity to spend far more than they do. The money doesn't mean shit once you get on the field.

The Twins had a lead in every game. While they were never going to win Game 1, in the other two, they beat themselves (the money didn't catch Nick Punto rounding 3rd base or tell those two pineappleheads to swing at the first pitch with the bases loaded)...with no help from Phil (s)Cuzzi.

The money didn't help the Yankees the previous 8 years, and it won't keep the Angels from running wild on Posada, making Damon and Matsui look old and creaky and Cano look like a mook.

Fuck Boston and Fuck the Red Sox raw dog with the rash.

And, GMoney, that's likely why (strikethrough) Cheney (/strikethrough) the terrorists didn't pick Boston (that they can't seem to build anything over 60 floors must have factored in). It would have been easy enough, considering two planes took off from there.

HM said...

While I am not willing to wish terrorism on Boston, I do enjoy watching them lose.

I recall being with a "SOX" fan at school the year after Clemens won the MVP and Cy Young by going 24-4. He stated that Clemens would win "at least 500" games as a pro. I said, "You mean 400"? No, 500. OK, how?

"Well, he is 23, and he already has like 100 wins [side note -- he had 40]. If he just wins 400 more games, he gets there. So just 16 more years at 25 wins a year and he gets to 500."

I suggested that maybe 25 wins a year was not a realistic pace. He replied that 1986 had been a "pretty average" year for Clemens from a wins standpoint, and he expected at least 27-28 wins for the next 8-10 years (with some years at 30 wins and others down around 24).

He was dead serious.

From what I can tell, he was a pretty average/normal SOX fan.

The Big Picture said...

let's leave the terrorism jokes out this. not cool to joke about that here. that was even low for you, gmoney.

John said...

^^really? that's your reason? really?

Alex said...


Pay per head sportsbook said...

It is quite weird if they loose like that. I bet that there are something about them maybe mafia or something for them to loose like that.

Silcox said...