Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Oh, here comes Michael Crabtree to make us want him again

Michael Crabtree and agent Eugene Parker could meet with 49ers brass as soon as today to discuss contract talks.
A Monday afternoon posting on ESPN.com indicated Crabtree and agent Eugene Parker are on their way to San Francisco to "renew contract talks" with the 49ers.
See? The blockquote means it's not just sloppy reporting by an Internet site.

Most likely Crabtree and Parker will be on one side of the table, the 49ers executives will be on the other and they'll look deep into each other's eyes without saying as much as hello.

Crabtree: I want number six money.
49ers: We'll give you five years, $20 million with 16 mil guaranteed.
Crabtree: (whispers to agent) No.
49ers: Ok.
[5 minutes pass without talking]
Crabtree: How 'bout number seven money?
49ers: Thanks for coming by, Mike.

Of course there is a slight chance that the Niners will cave because Isaac Bruce and Arnaz Battle aren't exactly cutting it. If Crabtree does get his No. 6 money and completely foils the NFL's whole "slotting" system, the league will probably implode and Wal-Mart will somehow be to blame.


GMoney said...

The Niners should offer #10 money and if Crabtree refuses, Singletary should just start beating everyone's ass until a deal is accepted.

JMC said...

wake me up when he signs.

Zoe Chastain said...

Well, he's now signed. No pressure, but he needs to come in and make an impact asap. I hate when these guys hold out for the moon before they've accomplished anything. Fingers crossed this works out for the Niners.

dbroyard said...

Does anyone know how much they paid for him?

constant gina said...

Lets hope this was all worth it...

rakeback said...

Its going to take him 6-8 weeks just to catch with everything he missed, so this will essentially be a lost year. He basically got the same money he was offered initially, what a waste of time!