Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The 10 Worst NFL Teams

We already noted how 2009 has some of the most awful-est, worst-est teams ever in the NFL. Parity has come and gone and now you have about 20 decent teams and the 10 others you get healthy on.

10. Buffalo (1-4)

Think: if Leodis McKelvin holds onto the ball, the Bills are, somehow, 7-0 and have already clinched a first-round bye.

9. Carolina (1-3)

All losses are against possible playoff teams, yet the Panthers' sole win is against the Redskins who just lost to the New York Yankees.

8. Tennessee (0-5)

Likely to be 0-6 after traveling to Foxborough, but three of the losses have come against Jets, Colts and Steelers. Wonder if Jeff Fisher will shave the mustache to "shake things up."

7. Detroit (1-4)

They're competitive. More than you can say about some of the two-win teams. But they're the Lions. Bad things find this team. Matthew Stafford will get a self-inflicted knee injury next week that will take 10 years to rehab.

6. Washington (2-3)

The 'Skins are perhaps the worst 2-3 team -- which could easily be 3-3 after next week's home game against the Chiefs -- ever. They haven't played a team with a win at the time! Close wins over Tampa and St. Louis aren't gonna cut it. The worst organization not named the Raiders.

5. Tampa Bay (0-5)

The Bucs can't catch a break. They're absolutely dreadful, yet could go winless and still NOT get the first pick in the 2010 Draft.

4. Cleveland (.5-3)

A 6-3 win over Buffalo doesn't constitute a full victory. Not another winnable game until Nov. 22 (at Detroit). The real question becomes: Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy?

3. Kansas City (0-5)

Jared Allen could really be helping that defense right about now... But, hey, the Chiefs get Oakland again in about a month.

2. St. Louis (0-5)

On the bright side, the Rams held the Redskins to just nine points. Defense wins championships.

1. Oakland (1-4)

How can you say the Raiders are worse than the Chiefs? Call us prophetic, but Oakland might never win a game ever again. EVER. AGAIN. Horrible management, a coach who may or may not have threatened to kill another coach, and a QB who might be the biggest bust ever. This is like watching a combination of an awful high-school team and a train wreck.


rstiles said...

The NFL talks about parody in the league...but when you have knuckleheads like Al Davis, the Raiders have no hope...

It is ashame the Raiders are this awful for so long...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dan Snyder is like a younger, jewisher Al Davis. Danny boy loves big name players like kids love candy. Unfortunately, Danny boy forgets that he has to eat his vegetables too, or else he will still only be 5 feet tall when he grows up, and the Redskins will still blow.

JMC said...

wow, these teams are absolutely terrible. And there's really no way to know for sure which team is the worst. They are all so bad. But he Raiders clearly win the most dysfunctional award.

GMoney said...

The Rams are, BY FAR, the worst team in football. The Raiders would beat them by double digits. When you are looking at Rush Limbaugh for help, you have no chance at success.

JMC said...

GM - that's s great point. That franchise is in shambles

HM said...

Within 3 years, Rush's Rams would field a team with no African-American players. He will bill it as "a return to the days of Red Grange." Imagine seeing a team field two white wideouts and 4 white D backs -- so picture the University of Minnesota football team about 20 years ago.....but worse.

Anonymous said...

HM.....rush may be racist and a bigot but hes far from dumb. it will be his plantation.

Anonymous said...


rakeback said...

I think its hard to argue that the Rams and Raiders are the two worst teams, but the 0-5 Titans cant be only the 8th worst with that kinda record so far.

Pay per head sportsbook said...

They should be really bad. I bet that it sucks to be a fan of Raiders to avoid the right of winning at least once in while.