Monday, October 05, 2009

Are there usually this many teams that just absolutely suck?

Every year you have a team sorta like the 2008 Detroit Lions: just incapable of doing anything right.

It's much like that comedy-of-errors high-school football team. The team that has no shot of winning a game months before the season even starts; the same team that celebrates not getting shutout; the team that looks more forward to orange slices after the game than tackling the other team.

But this NFL landscape -- parity?! What parity?! -- sees many of those same teams where anything they do well is purely by chance.

You can look at the winless teams through four weeks, yet that doesn't even come close to telling the story.

Kansas City, St. Louis, Tennessee, Tampa, Carolina and Cleveland haven't won. All but the Titans are just awful, awful teams right now.

Add in one-win Oakland and Detroit and you have eight teams that are going to be battling VERY hard for the top pick and the rights to (likely) Sam Bradford.

We honestly can't remember when there were soooo many atrocious teams. Like very, very bad. Seriously, scheduling aside, we could have multiple winless and one-win teams this season. The Browns and Raiders could battle to a 0-0 tie on Dec. 27. Tampa and Carolina on Oct. 18 could be epic as in "epic fail."

Feel bad for the top players in the 2010 draft. They are going to be playing for losers among losers for the foreseeable future.

We expect our friends at The Hater Nation to have a field day with this soon.


Anonymous said...

they will get bradford and be even more awful.

GMoney said...

Maybe Tennessee belongs on this list? They have Indy and NE the next two weeks. 0-6 and the reappearance of Vince Young seem likely. Hello top 5 pick.

JMC said...

I thought drafting the Tennessee defense was a great move. What happened?

And yeah - there are a LOT of terrible teams. Finally the Niners aren't one of them.

HM said...

Two of these teams have relatives playing QB. Josh Johnson (TB) and Jamarcus Russell (Oak) are cousins according to Wikipedia:

Speaking of that, how do you draft Josh Freeman #17 overall?

And if you draft him #17 overall, do you use Josh Johnson instead? Did their coach just make a mistake and say "Josh" is starting and Johnson yelled out "OK"???

The Big Picture said...

and johnson went to oakland tech. cool!

rstiles said...

Sam Bradford will get pounded next season when he plays for the Browns...

Anonymous said...

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