Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 reasons why the World Series sucks

Game 1 of the World Series is hours away and, with the exception of 2002, we will likely be watching something else.

Maybe it's the teams, the ample other sporting events going on or FOX's telecasts, but this time of year, we just sorta lose interest. It's kinda the same feeling Orioles fans have in May.

Have similar feelings? Thought so. Here are five reasons why the World Series sucks.

5. Weather

Today's forecast in New York: High of 54, low of 45, rain.
Saturday's forecast in Philadelphia: High of 63, low of 45, rain.

Fantastic. You're shoulder pads and goalposts away from a football game.

4. East Coast

More particular to 2009 than the World Series in general, but it seems that often we'll have two teams competing for a championship that nobody west of the Mississippi cares about. Not that we'd prefer a Dodgers-Angels World Series. Actually, that would be worse. The Giants and Royals would be better, thanks.

3. Fairweather fans

Oh, the guy in the next cubicle over has been, "A fan FOREVER," has he? Sure. Whatever. He also roots for the Gators, New England and the Lakers AND Celtics (because he has ties to both teams).

And don't think we're just talking about the Yankees.

The Phillies have won far more recently than the Yanks who are looking for their first ring since 2000. We've seen more Philadelphia hats in California than A's hats lately.

2. Celebrity sightings

Certainly worse than usual with two big-market teams, but we don't need to be reminded 10 times throughout the game that Kate Hudson is dating A-Rod. If we wanted to see Hudson, we'd rent You, Me and Dupree and proceed to gouge out our eyes with a mechanical pencil. Let's stick to the baseball, fellas, and leave the B-list celebrities to TMZ.

1. Joe Buck

Joe Buck arrives just in time to bring fun, humor and excitement to baseball. Except that he doesn't and he looks at little girls the wrong way. He saps all the fun and pleasure out of the Fall Classic and injects monotone and boredom.

And let's not let Tim McCarver off the hook. He was held back in Kindergarten. Twice.


Anonymous said...

6. it's baseball

Bokolis said...

If they discovered this land from the West, it'd be the other way around...but most of us would be bad drivers and have little dicks.

It that map were accurate, Manhattan and Long Island would take up half the space and, outside of the northeast and east of the fault, the country would pretty much look like the South Pacific.

Anonymous said...

You are right on every count, except the East Coast stuff.

You left coasters will never understand simple math:

75% of the population of this country lives east of the Mississippi.

It's ok for left coasters not to care about back east, because most of us don't care about your surfboards or overindulgence in the word "dude".

But complaining about it won't change the fact that most of the people in this country get their news and information way ahead of you. Networks and advertisers are certainly going to try to appeal to the largest audience and I'm sorry, but you guys aren't it.

Bandwagon fans and Joe Buck drain the life out of almost everything

GMoney said...

The West Coast had their chances to represent in the WS and failed miserably.

The weather is supposed to be good at game time tonight and tomorrow.

Seeing how awesome A-Rod has been in the playoffs, is there any doubt that Kate Hudson features the greatest pussy of all time?

HM said...

They say Kate Hudson is crazy -- generally a good thing for bedroom quality. Generally a bad thing for everything else.

Anonymous said...

bokolis... so not PC, but funny as shit... also, only 3 states (not counting AK and HI) border the pacific ocean. i doubt the rest of the states west of the Mississippi would own a surfboard. ironically, the word "dude" came about to identify East coast vacationers coming out west. and last time i checked, when i watch CNN, FOX, ESPN, they're not showing a 3hr delay on the "news" they are showing.

Joe in Jersey said...

Let's review:

5. You won't watch the games on TV cause the weather is bad. Your TV appears to be much more interactive than mine, where'd you get it and does it get porn?

4. You'd rather see the Giants and the Royals? So you're a lover of mediocre to piss-poor talent, no wonder you're watching You, Me and Dupree. At the Academy Awards nobody says I sure wish they'd give an award to Pee Wee Herman and Ben Affleck. Do you want the Super Bowl to be between the Browns and the Rams? The teams that deserve to be in the World Series are the ones that won their way there.

3. You have a problem about whom and how other people choose to root for a team. OK Fidel, how can I email you and to find out which team I should root for at next year's World Cup, or for the Super Bowl. Maybe you can tell how much I should bet and on whom? What do you care about somebody you don't know and who they are rooting for and why?

2. You watch TV. Celebrities are on TV all the time. Good ones, bad ones, pretty ones, ugly ones, criminal ones, honest ones, big ones, little ones, they're on all the shows, on most commercials but they only bother you when they show them between the action of a World Series game? Uh....

1. Joe Buck is mediocre, baseball fans deserve better. Tim McCarver is old and out of date, he should retire, like Madden had the sense to do when he had lost it. I wish there were better announcers but some one at Fox must've lost a bet to Jack Buck and we can only hope that this year finally pays it off. At least we're not getting "fisted" by Chip Caray.

All this goes a long way to say that your post was dumb.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused how, with the exception of 2002, you will be watching something else. Maybe you can explain that one...

The Big Picture said...

giants fan here

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the Philadelphia area but moved out here about 5 years ago- if I wanna wear a Phillies hat around here I have no problem with that, especially considering that I was going to the games for so many years from about 1996-2005 when they really sucked. I'm sure there's a lot of bandwagoners out here but there's also surely some true fans that have been with the team through it's dark years in the mid to late 80's and most of the 90's.

mathesond said...

"Fantastic. You're shoulder pads and goalposts away from a football game."

How this is bad?

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I don't have problem to watch a celebrity specially if she is hot. Also hotdogs and beers are a great combination.

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