Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This totally sucks, but not for me for a change

I seemed to have won by two yards. Yes, after LT's 100-yard night, I won by .01. That's fucked on all levels for the other guy who is an awesome dude and commenter on the site.

Of course, I thought I was losing by about three yards for the last eight minutes of the game when Norv Turner and Phillip Rivers did everything in their power not to give Tomlinson the ball. I was screaming at the TV and think I might've declared Rivers a racist.

But now Norv Turner is my favorite tackle football coach, Rivers is my favorite player and LT is a fantasy stud. Those things are all true except that they're not. But fantasy team is the best to ever play.

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GMoney said...

You start TWO Redskins. Your team sucks.