Friday, October 23, 2009

'He's going to be suspended for doing a thing like that'

Ah, Ron Artest in the Philippines. Great stuff. Turn the volume up. The commentators are fantastic!

"He's going to be suspended for doing a thing like that."
"Oh yes."

They can't teach that stuff...


JMC said...

this dude is a savage. the Warriors should sign him.

HM said...

The undercut is a flagrant 1 and the elbow to the face is a flagrant 2. Does a great sports organization like "Burger King" want to see its name tarnished by such play?

Bokolis said...

Well, just like Artest, he got the year for that shit. He was keepin' it real in in the streets of Quezon. I think I saw him flash the Wu-Tang symbol. 5'10" and 180 might do work against Philippine geeks, but it'll get you an ass-whuppin' in the hood.

Is this guy is an unlockable player on NBA Live or some shit?

They were pretty casual about it when he jacked up the fan. Even the commentator's attempt at Mike Breen-esque high-handedness is delivered with Joe Buck enthusiasm. I'm guessing this is the guy's act. He's grabbing on D and guys are still blowing by him, so he hacks them and elbows his way through screens.

Pacquiao vs. Cotto said...

The person on the video should sign a contract with the UFC. He's really into something.