Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jerry Stackhouse plays lazy defense and a hyped college recruit can dunk while getting fouled. Now let's talk about how THIS ISN'T FUCKING IMPORTANT

This is becoming an annoying trend this summer: Pro basketball players are getting dunked on by college kids in SUMMER LEAGUE GAMES THAT DON'T MEAN A MOTHERFUCKING THING and the media and world respond like this is the wildest thing to happen to sports since the forward pass (which, by the way, WAS AWESOME!).

First it was LeBron, and a few days ago it was Jerry Stackhouse. Here's the video so you can see Stackhouse's inspired defensive effort (slide to the hole, Jerry!) on the nifty moves of Kentucky recruit John Wall.

After seeing the video, our thought process went like this in this order:

1. No. 1 on White just broke his ankles. What a move!
2. John Wall is about to be very good.
3. Kentucky is about to be very good.
4. John Wall would probably be a very good pro player.
5. Jerry Stackhouse plays shoddy defense.
6. The Spicy Italian sandwich from Subway is pretty salty.
7. Wonder who the other guys in this game are.
8. Wonder why someone's filming a summer league game.
9. Jerry Stackhouse sorta got dunked on. We guess. Sorta. But he really just fouled him and Wall threw it down anyway.
10. John Wall is about to be very good.

Holy fucking shit, world, THIS IS NOT THAT COOL. If the old NBA eligibility rules were in place, Wall would be playing in the NBA next year. And when one NBA player dunks on the side of another NBA player it makes the highlights. Might be a Top Play. But it doesn't become a VIRAL FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEO.

Or maybe we are just totally uncool and have no idea what's cool. Probably why we like Chamomile tea and Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.


rstiles said...

What the fuck is the big deal with these NBA players getting dunked on????????????

Is that one of the 10 Commandments - NBA players shalt not be dunked on

Anonymous said...

I dont know rstiles. the shit is fucking annoying.

Bokolis said...

Only further points out what a waste of talent Stackhouse turned out to be.

HM said...

Wall appears to be shorter than Stack. So if he is 6'3" in bare feet and he is an off guard, what is his upside? Ben Gordon? Not that Gordon is a bad player, but the true stars of the league are 6'5" and above generally (Wade, Kobe, LeBron).

Stack just called up the year 1995; he wants his leaping ability back.

GMoney said...

Just think, Calipari is probably paying this kid 6 figures for one year in Moonshine Country.