Monday, August 10, 2009

Hey, FOX and ESPN, fuck you. We don't care about the Yankees and Red Sox.

FOX Saturday, ESPN Sunday, all over the major sports websites since Thursday, we're getting Yankees-Red Sox shoved down our throats like the girls on

There's still this sentiment among major media outlets that people outside of the Northeast actually care about this rivalry. Yes, it's the greatest rivalry in baseball, but frankly people in San Diego, following National League baseball, really don't care much about what's going on at the top of the AL East.

We're used to ESPN hammering home any sort of rivalry. We'll get Duke-Carolina every time they play. "ESPN on ABC" or whatever the fuck they call it -- it's still channel 7, ESPN is still channel 38; it's fucking ABC you cocksmokers -- will carry any of the major college football rivalries. The NBA doesn't really have any good rivalries because the NBA is a very good product.

The key difference, of course, is that the Yankees and Red Sox play 18 MOTHERFUCKING TIMES! We can go a day without having to hear about this. The Yankees are 5.5 games up, the Red Sox are flailing (wahoo!) and there are over 50 games left of the regular season. Tonight's game just isn't as important as the Cubs-Rockies or Angels-Rangers, which should be getting some ESPN love.

But, hey, thanks for telling us what we're supposed to like. Heaven knows we can't make choices for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Deal with it.....or else don't live on the West Coast.

some day, you left coasters will realize that 75% OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY LIVE EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's called playing to the largest possible audience. And since the Yankees and Red Sox elicit a response (good or bad) out of just about every baseball fan in the country (notice the post you guys did that included Jeter and Papelbon just last week) you are going to get a lot of coverage.

And Padre fans need to be more worried about those fugly camo-colored uniforms the team insists on wearing for every Sunday home game. This ain't downtown Beirut.

Anonymous said...

ESPN is a business, and they can make the most money by getting the most eyeballs on their game. It sucks that that means Yanks-Sox ALL THE TIME, but it does.