Thursday, August 06, 2009

Best Judd Apatow movie?

Saw Funny People Tuesday. Entertaining. Not very funny. But entertaining and makes you want to be a movie star so you can nail two different girls in the span of an hour.

Funny People had nice balance of cock jokes, sincere moments and realistic conversations. A tad too many awkward parts where you cringe. And maybe not enough nudity. Or cock jokes. But there were definitely cock jokes.

Got us thinking about all the Judd Apatow flicks and their place in comedy lore. If we would rank his films (that we've seen), here's how it'd look:

6. Pineapple Express
5. Funny People
4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
3. 40-year-old Virgin
2. Knocked Up
1. Superbad

Wow. Superbad was fucking epic. We should watch that again. And start writing more cock jokes.

Your list in the comments, please.


Fisch said...

I've only seen your top-4 picks, but my list would go:

4. Knocked Up
3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
2. 40-year-old Virgin
1. Superbad

I just didn't think Knocked Up was that good.

Anonymous said...

Superbad wins easy. Funny people was like most of his movies: funny for the first half, bromance for the second.

Fisch said...

I'm redoing my list. I just looked up Judd Apatow to see what else he's done...

5. Knocked up
4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
3. 40-year-old Virgin
2. Anchorman
1. Superbad

Anonymous said...

i would say for his movies (as a producer/director):

11) Step Brothers
10) Drillbit Taylor
9) Talledega Nights
8) Walk Hard/Dewey Cox
7) Year One
6) Forgetting Sarah Marshall
5) Funny People
4) Knocked Up
3) 40 Year Old Virgin
2) Pineapple Express
1) Superbad


george1964 said...

I'm with Fisch, except I'd switch 3 and 4. Russell Brand killed in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".

ck_krafty said...

These rankings don't count if Anchorman doesn't make the top 5. Priceless flick

Anonymous said...

Generally do not enjoy these movies. I would go Anchorman #1, Knocked Up #2, Virgin #3.

Rob said...

Out of the ones I have seen...
1) Superbad
2) Anchorman
3) Knocked Up
4) 40 Year Old Virgin
5) Forgetting Sarah Marshall
6) Step Brothers
7) Talledega Nights

Seeing Funny People tonight... hoping it makes it in there around #5. If so I will be very happy.